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American Garage Rules

Welcome to the Pat Metheny Listener Network "American Garage" — the "official" place to discuss music related topics with fellow PMers from all around the world.

Discussions - Spirited discussions are welcome, but PMLN reserves the right to delete anything we deem inappropriate. Among the kinds of things that qualify as inappropriate; profanity, impersonating other members, multiple screen names and identities, yelling (ALL CAPS), copy and pasting the same things over and over, overly long posts, insulting other members and stalking. This site in general is about music. Feel free to engage in ardent discussions about what you like about it. The Garage and the Basement are intended for personal use only; commercial solicitations are not permitted and will be deleted.

Moderation - American Garage is a moderated discussion area. All new subjects and messages are updated within 24 hours and are subject to approval by the moderator. Either create a new subject or post a message to an existing subject. All new subjects and messages are updated within a 24 hour period.

Archives - American Garage archives inactive topics per each 5 day period and maintains all posts and messages in its database. To access past topics and messages either search for a specific subject or topic or use our archived system located at the bottom of the page. Archive functions are as follows:

Last Message Messages Subject
Mar 03 2011 --- 4:14 PM 47 How do you listen to music these days?
Feb 28 2011 --- 9:05 PM 1 Brad Mehldau Live in Marciac
Feb 24 2011 --- 9:59 PM 5 Linda Manzer video Interview
Feb 18 2011 --- 4:27 PM 4 Inspirational Esperanza!
Feb 16 2011 --- 10:04 AM 9 Pat Plays Europe
Feb 15 2011 --- 5:12 PM 1 Awards
Feb 13 2011 --- 6:31 PM 6 Steve Kuhn w/Joe Lovano - Mostly Coltrane
Feb 12 2011 --- 11:03 AM 6 Wayne Shorter
Feb 11 2011 --- 8:04 AM 0 New Marcus Miller Live CD
Feb 08 2011 --- 8:33 PM 0 CulJazz Festival - Switzerland 25 March - 02 April 2011