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SUBJECT: Pat Martino in Philly 4/13-4/14 Back to Subjects
Apr 04 2012
at 11:34 AM
Heads up to anyone in the Philly area next weekend-Pat Martino quartet with Eric Alexander on sax are playing at Chris Jazz Cafe.CJC is an intimate venue with favorably priced tickets. They will be playing a lot off Pat’s recent live cd which is fantastic. I just saw him last week and he’s a great as ever. Definitely worth checking out.
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Apr 05 2012
at 9:27 AM
Bookmark and Share I’d give anything to see Martino again. Sounds like a great show, have fun.
Tom Rudd
Apr 05 2012
at 6:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Lucky you HAMBONE. Missed him when he was in Boston a few months ago. have a great time if you go again.
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