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Mar 17 2012
at 10:29 PM
Anyone beside me notice that some threads are only available after you log in? Most of the topics are always available but a small number, for no discernable reason, require a login to see. Anyone else notice this?
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Mar 23 2012
at 9:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Cathy, good to know.
Mar 19 2012
at 4:24 PM
Bookmark and Share When you set up your account you have the option whether or not you want your messages read by all or only those signed in...
Mar 19 2012
at 8:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Well if they’re going to have private threads I wish they would do it where it The Basement ;-)
Mar 18 2012
at 9:39 PM
Bookmark and Share I noticed the same thing, there are a few theads not visible unless you log in. I wonder why that is?
Mar 18 2012
at 1:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I did notice that, -m.
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