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Apr 19 2012
at 3:13 PM
Very sad news with Levon Helm passing away this afternoon. Talk about the way a drummer can make a song feel!!
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May 02 2012
at 12:27 PM
Bookmark and Share The most soulful drummer in rock and the best country singer of his time. And he did them simultaneously. More talent in that group than in any other.
Apr 26 2012
at 9:15 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll say the same, which can’t be said so often. Levon and the rest of The Band were a national treasure. I’ve often said that If I was sent to a desert island, or anywhere else, with the music of only two artists, I’d gather up my CDs from PMG and The Band. Together, they define my musical landscape. "The Fields, The Sky."
Tyler Durden
Apr 25 2012
at 2:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Trying to cross one of my own about now. Sure going to miss Levon.
Tyler Durden
Apr 25 2012
at 1:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Feel old today. Levon was one of musics greats; a classy human being in every regard. His last two CDs are amazing by the way. Dirt Farmer, Electric Dirt. Rest easy Levon.
Apr 22 2012
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share RIP LEVON American legend and icon the BAND definatley one of my favorite bands. They along with Levon were in a class all there own. I will miss you greatly:( Bob C.
Apr 22 2012
at 2:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I pulled into Nazareth, I was feelin’ about half past dead; I just need some place where I can lay my head
Apr 21 2012
at 12:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Another one of the great ones passes. Bless you Levon, you will be missed.
Apr 20 2012
at 11:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Rest in peace Levon. What a sad loss this one is.
Apr 19 2012
at 9:33 PM
Bookmark and Share What a shame, and what a loss. Rest in peace Mr. Helm. Loved your music.
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