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Tom Rudd
Mar 26 2012
at 1:07 PM
Listened to snippets of this, sounds excellent. Has anyone heard this through out?
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Mar 29 2012
at 6:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I mentioned in another thread ( what are you listening to now) that I recently got this CD. I have now listened to it a number of times and like it a lot. I am partial to trios and I have always been a Brad fan. This maybe the trio’s best recording to date (IMHO).
Mar 27 2012
at 8:54 PM
Bookmark and Share I have been listening to this all week. Excellent music. Very intricate interplay between the Brad, Larry, and Jeff. Really enjoying it!
Mar 27 2012
at 10:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Listened to it. BM is not my dream pianist (I’d prefer, say, Chick, Herbie or Gwilym, simply for their originality). But it’s not a bad record. Some people will even consider it great.
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