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Apr 02 2012
at 2:19 AM
Looking on wikipedia for (new to me) jazz guitar players I found Marzio Scholten and I am (positively) impressed. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more good things from this young man.
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Apr 12 2012
at 1:52 PM
Bookmark and Share The new tracks sound great indeed!!!
Apr 12 2012
at 6:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I just saw that he has a new album coming out within the next few weeks!! Sounds very promising!! Check it out: (or .
Apr 06 2012
at 6:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Excellent guitarist. Unfortunately not many recordings.
Apr 02 2012
at 2:19 PM
Bookmark and Share I discovered Marzio Scholten last year browsing the iTunes Store and bought his album World of Thought. I think he is a great guitarist but also a promising composer. Marzio is half Spanish, half Dutch. He was born in Spain and grew up in The Netherlands and studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. You can watch him and his group playing in the Dutch TV-show Vrije Geluiden: (not sure if it works outside The Netherlands, maybe you will find this also on youtube). Recommended!
Tom Rudd
Apr 02 2012
at 11:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip, sounds awesome! Just what the doctor ordered!
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