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Apr 02 2012
at 12:27 PM
Any drummers out there familiar with this book (by Mick Berry and Jason Gianni)? I’m not a drummer but I’m wondering if it would give some insight into drumming and might help me with drum programming. Just wondering...
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Apr 05 2012
at 2:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Tom: The subtitle of the book is something like ’From Afro-Cuban to Zydeco’ and in looking at a couple examples they delineate where the beats are with, say, kick, snare and ride. So it really is just a book about beats not programming sequencers. For what it’s worth I use several different tools for developing drum tracks. Sonar’s Session Drummer, ToonTrack’s Superior Drummer and more recently I’ve been playing around with Native-Instruments hardware tool Maschine Mikro which is pretty cool. Since I’m not that conversant when it comes to drumming and types of rythmns I thought the book might be helpful. It also comes with two CDs of examples.
Tom Rudd
Apr 04 2012
at 10:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey -m, What type of insight are you looking for. Are you programing from a particular sample software?
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