Produced by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny.
Executive Producers: Jean-Philippe Allard and Daniel Richard
Recorded and mixed at Right Track Studio, N.Y.C, 1996.
Recording and mixing engineer: J. Newland
Assistant enginer: Joe Lizzi

Mastered at Sterling Sound on November 6, 1996
Mastering engineer: Ted Jensen
Additional recording at Clinton Recording Studios on
April 15, 1996
Recording engineer: J. Newland
Assistant recording engineer: Brook South
Guitar technician: Carolyn Chrzan
Digital transfers and technical assistance: David Oakes

Production assistant: Ruth Cameron
Production coordinator in Paris: Farida Bachir
Product Manager: Patrick Votan

Photography session: Latifa Azhar and Janush Kawa
Countryside photography: Tom Dietrich/Fotogram-Stone
Design: CB Graphic
Art director: Patrice Beausejour

Special thanks to:

J. Newland, Joe Lizzi, everyone at Po]yGram Jazz France, everyone at Verve New York, Fred Ansis, Michael Davenport, David Sholemson and Ted Kurland and everyone at TKA, Barry Bongiovi and everyone at Right Track, Susan Deneau, Ornette Coleman, Robert Shapiro, Carl Haden Jr., Roxanne Chenault, Linda Manzer, Fritz Katoh and everyone at Ibanez, Carolyn Chrzan, David Oakes, Mark Herbert, Franqois Zalacain and Latifa Azhar.

All acoustic guitars played on this record are made by Linda Manzer, Toronto, Canada.

Electric guitar is made by Ibanez, Nagoya, Japan.
Pat Metheny appears courtesy of Geffen Records, inc.

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All Rights Reserved