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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Strangest Fan Thing
Category: General Questions
From: Winn A. (n/a)

With all the gigs you've done in your career, I'm sure you've seen some weird and/or startling events in your audiences. What is/are some of the strangest things you've seen your fans do?

Pat’s Answer:

there was a girl at a club in indianapolis in 78 who sat on the front row with her bass guitar and a stethoscope gaffer-taped to the body and the earpiece jammed in her ears - flailing away wildly on her bass while we attempted to play "phase dance" and the rest of our set of the time. this may not have been so distracting except that she was about 1/5 of the entire audience - and the other four people hardly noticed her OR us.