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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Dave Douglas, free musicians
Category: Other Musicians
From: Fred Warner (new haven)

Hi Pat,

I was wondering what you think of Dave Douglas? To me, he seems to be a good example of a young-ish musician who, like yourself, puts his own mark in a number of different areas.

And could you comment on the following: in a couple of recent issues of Downbeat, Wynton Marsalis listed a bunch of trumpet players he liked, and Douglas didn't make the cut. On the other side of the coin, I read that Derek Bailey was impressed by your ability to play so freely - since he was so used to "free" players who in fact are very limited by their own narrow conceptions (as you predicted for the reception of the SignOf4 - which i loved, especially in person). Do you see any hope for more openness and expansiveness in music among at least some young musicians these days? Feel free to name names.


Pat’s Answer:

i agree that dave is an example of a true modern musician - he is someone who is interested in expanding his voice as an improvisor through the study of the work of previous masters (wayne shorter), but is committed to finding his own thing beyond that. he seems to really energetic and active, with what seems like 4 or 5 bands going on at all times. mainly, i just enjoy hearing him - he is one of those guys that you can just turn yourself over to, know he is going to sound good and going to play some hip stuff with a good sound and good time. i have heard him in several different settings and have always enjoyed it.

as far as "expansive" musicians go, there are a lot of them. for example; brian blade, kurt rosenwinkle, joey baron, seamus blake, brad meldahl, victor lewis, christian mcbride, joshua redman, kenny garrett, mike brecker, branford marsalis, and many many others.