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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Your brother mike's music, lee's summit
Category: Other Musicians
From: Dave Lichtenwalner (Duluth, GA)

Hi Pat,

I've listened to your music since the late seventies when I was a student at CMSU, in your old haunts. It's funny, I've always been able to relate instantly to your concepts of "a tree in the middle of a field" as beauty and inspiration. (I lived in Lee's Summit for 13 years.)

My question is: " Have you ever listened to your brother Mike's song Lakeview Ballad? (off of Day In, Night Out) I think this song is so beautiful, and rivals much of your own music. I realize it is about the old house and associated times, and having a lot of family, that makes it all the more meaningful to me.

Have you ever thought of playing one of Mike's tunes on an album? (such as Lakeview Ballad)

Pat’s Answer:

i totally agree about mikes tunes - he has written some great ones, and in fact "lakeview ballad" is probably my favorite of his. i actually would love to record that someday - hopefully i will....