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--- Dec 30 2000 Go to category
Subject: trio>live - jazz guitar website
Category: Recordings
From: Dan Adler (NY, USA)


Your latest 'Trio Live' album is such a milestone in jazz guitar history! So many Jazz giants reach their peak at some point and then decline, whereas you seem to be getting better all the time.

If you have a moment, I would appreciate if you take a look at the website:

Besides my own playing, on which I would love to hear your comments/suggestions, I have put up excerpts of my favorite historical jazz guitar solos online. You are represented in a few spots... I would appreciate your comments.

I'm happy to see you supporting the Noa project. I used to play jazz guitar duo with Gil Dor when I was growing up in Israel.

Happy New Year, -Dan

Pat’s Answer:

hi dan,

thanks for including me in your site, and i am really glad you like the music - and i really like your other choices too.

i am happy that you like the live trio record - for me, it is always hard to have a sense of a record like that, i play so much live, that any one performance of any one song could be any one of about 50 to get the version that you think is the ultimate one - but when you are trying to figure out what to put on there and you listen to a bunch of versions of the same tune back to back, you can see that they are not really better than each other, they are just quite different from night to night, depending on the vibe of the audience, etc. but we worked really hard to try to find the stuff that seemed to represent the feeling that that band was capable of generating and i am very happy to have both the studio record and the live record of that trio out there - it was a real special and really fun year for me playing with those guys.


best from pat