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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: PM 100's 2 Extra Knobs
Category: Guitars
From: Michael Hale (Pacifica, CA.)

Pat, Thanks for creating this new area of the Site... I've noticed Blackie (your black PM 100) has two extra knobs down near the lower bout of the guitar, giving the guitar 4 knobs instead of the stock 2. My assumption is those two extra knobs do something to what I assume is the black synth pickup just above the bridge. Could you describe the setup: what equipment the pickup is connected to AND what the function of the two extra knobs is. Thanks for so many great years of music and performances and special thanks for always being so accessible and willing to meet your fans (me, us...).

Pat’s Answer:

hi michael, those knobs are for a gk pickup that i have built into the body to control the vg-8. they are the standard knobs that exist on the pickup itself, imported into the body.