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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Unreleased sessions
Category: Other Musicians
From: Mike McCormack (San Francisco/USA)

Pat--do you ever get together in a studio with other musicians (or by yourself) just to play and record music, without the intent of releasing the music for a record?? If so, would you mind sharing who you have done this with, why you do it, and whether or not you ever listen back to the tapes? I take from the "question & answer" liner notes that you didn't originally intend on releasing that material until after you listened back to it, which is what prompts this question.

Pat’s Answer:

i love to have and participate in jam sessions at home with other players. yes, i usually do tape them, usually just on a walkman or something (i actually prefer the sound of these tapes to basically all others - especially when there is that auto-limiting thing on). i love listening to them for a few days, then i have a big box that i through them all in. there are probably hundreds in there. almost all of them have the same ten jam session tunes on them though!