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Feb 22 2014
at 12:17 PM
I received an email offering an autographed poster if I preordered the cd, and ordered on 11/25 for $25.01, which was about $10 more than just the cd. Well, I received an email on 1/31 stating the cd and poster had shipped, but I only received the cd. When I sent an email earlier this week asking where the poster was, I did not get a response. Has anyone else had this problem? If I would have known I was not going to get the poster, I would have ordered through iTunes or the cd only since I feel like I overpaid by $10.
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Mar 26 2014
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Only problem i had was they charged & shipped me two of the lp/cd signed poster set ...... what happned was after the Big Target getting everyone’s credit card #’s stolen our card number was changed for safety .... i called to have the new # put in my order 2 weeks prior to release date & this company can not change that so i had to cancel the order & re-order ......well they shipped the canceled one anyways , but they paid for return shipping , so all was good ... I also agree the signature is Rough on these ...guessing pat does not like signing stuff ? funny i have stuff Pat has signed for me in person & his signature is almost always very different :>D
Mar 22 2014
at 9:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the offer Cathy.
Mar 22 2014
at 9:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I am happy to say that I did receive my poster after I called again to request it. What a cool bonus to have with the cd!
Mar 22 2014
at 4:21 PM
Bookmark and Share I also received the CD and autographed poster. However, I was so disappointed in the autograph. Measured about 1 1/2 inches long and could not decipher one letter in the autograph.
Mar 22 2014
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Cathy that is so kind of you. Please send me a private message to alan2461 at me dot com Thanks !!!
Mar 22 2014
at 12:28 AM
Bookmark and Share Alan2461: I have one I would be happy to give you if you would like..
Mar 21 2014
at 8:34 PM
Bookmark and Share No luck :( They said they had none left. No big deal. The music is what’s important to me.
Mar 20 2014
at 4:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc... Thanks for the heads-up. I sent them an email, and I’ll hope for the best. I can’t wait to see the show next Friday in NYC.
Mar 19 2014
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share alan2461: Send an e-mail requesting a poster. I thought I also didn’t get the poster, but found it hidden under a piece of cardboard in the box. The day before I found it I sent them an e-mail and was shipped another poster. It was only a few days ago so they must have found more.
Mar 01 2014
at 11:27 AM
Bookmark and Share I received the CD and Poster in two separate packages the day before it was officially released!
Feb 28 2014
at 1:10 PM
Bookmark and Share The same thing happened to me patsfan! Almost missed it!
Feb 27 2014
at 2:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Three weeks after release date I`m still waiting for my pre-order to arrive....
Feb 25 2014
at 10:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, when I received my cd and took it out and threw the box in the garage, I remembered about the signed poster. Disappointed, I went on for a day or two, on trash day I was throwing the box out ..... And then, I noticed there was a cardboard layer on the bottom of the box. Low and behold, it was there !!
Feb 25 2014
at 3:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I received the CD and the poster together on the day of release in the same package. I have several of the pre-order signed posters from different releases now, but this was the first one to arrive on the day it was released. Thank you very much.
Feb 24 2014
at 11:01 PM
Bookmark and Share CC...if you dont get it worked out I have one would be happy to send to you.
Feb 24 2014
at 10:28 AM
Bookmark and Share I had a problem as well, except mine is different. They shipped my poster but I didn’t get it. They refunded my cc around $28. I don’t know where they got that amt from. They wouldn’t ship me another poster because they are now sold out.
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