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SUBJECT: PMUG Houston/Dallas Back to Subjects
Feb 22 2014
at 9:47 AM
My first post here........ Attended PMUG HOB concerts thu/fri this week, and was blow away - re-feeling the goose bumps just writing about it. I’ve attend about 10 PM concerts since the early 80’s, and honestly this was the best.....smaller HOB venue had much to do with that. (excellent floor seats don’t hurt either) Great mix of older classics with newer PMUB/PMUG tunes. Obviously all band members are excellent musicians. But Pat, Chris and Antonio could be the best in the world on their chosen instruments. Amazing chops and soulful playing by these guys. Two encores in Houston - 2 hours 30 mins total concert time. Three in Dallas - 2 hours 40 mins. All in all a not to miss concert – great to see the “group” thing back with sax…..
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Feb 24 2014
at 10:10 AM
Bookmark and Share I was at Houston. Great show. I am not up on the PMUB material and while I recognized the new Kin material, I couldn’t tie the titles to the order they were played in.
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