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SUBJECT: Demographics data. What does it all mean? Back to Subjects
Apr 14 2011
at 12:55 AM
Demographics data suggest.... Professional class and over 40 years of age. Steely Dan fans, maybe? Beetles fans? Miles fans? I see this at Pat’s concerts. OK, some admiring music students, but I see a lack of interest in the under 40 generation, not only in Pat, but iin new talent. But then, most people over 40 have undeveloped music tastes also. In your experience, do you see mostly middle aged people at Pat’s concerts? If so, why?
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Apr 15 2011
at 4:29 AM
Bookmark and Share I think people who are less serious music listeners can’t get past the soundworld of PM and, even more, of PMG, finding it cheesy or corny - it’s a barrier to listening more closely if one’s first impression is that it’s just "not the sort of thing I like". Also, have you noticed that there’s an aversion to guitar soloing in just about all genres of popular music these days? - even in supposedly guitar-led bands, guitar solos are limited to about half a chorus max. Any longer and they are instantly pilloried as self-indulgent.
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