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SUBJECT: MBrace/Gracie alternatives ? Back to Subjects
Feb 20 2014
at 6:52 AM
I’ve seen Pat in concert a number of times, including the TWU tour, where he made use of a contraption that holds an alternate guitar in a fixed position about 4 1/2 - 5 feet off the stage, cradling the instrument in a fixed position, and allowing him to move to and play it after slinging his primary guitar onto his back. I’m trying to find one, because I’m tired of having to sit when I play (I have back issues), and I also find guitar straps uncomfortable and impractical for positioning my instrument at an optimal angle. The only two devices I can find are an "MBrace," and a "Gracie Conventional Guitar Holder." Are these the only such devices made for this purpose? Does anyone know which model Pat uses? Thanks!
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Feb 22 2014
at 6:01 AM
Bookmark and Share These guys make one: Also I believe Alex Lifeson of Rush was involved in designing one called the Omega guitar stand although there is little info on the net about that. On early footage of Pat, his almost looks homemade!
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