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Feb 16 2014
at 9:49 PM
I loved it that the band requested that phones be turned off and no photos be taken. When that was announced in Jacksonville the crowd was like we were being given permission to shut the gadgets off and be fully present which is the way to fully experience this music. It was so different and wonderful to sit with a bunch of people who were not fidgeting and checking their phones or trying to take photos. I quit doing photos because I felt like I was experiencing the process of photographing the concert rather than the concert itself. Now I think I’m going to turn off the phone at every concert and just tell anyone who gets mad about being out of contact that there was a no phone policy. Here’s the editorial I wrote about the joy of gadget free concerts.
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Feb 19 2014
at 2:57 PM
Bookmark and Share OK, I have an iPhone and I love it. But there’s a time and place for everything ... NOT concert halls, movie theaters, restaurants, buses, walking down the street, **crossing** the street, and most other public places. I’m filled with such sadness when I see almost every driver texting at every stoplight (and filled with fear when they do it while driving), or see almost every single student leaving my daughter’s school looking down at their phone (my daughter doesn’t **want** a smart phone!), or just generally notice that people can’t seem to go a single minute without looking at their damn phone. Louis CK nails the root cause of this in a brilliant piece on Conan: ... it’s our inherent human fear of being alone. Never mind concert halls, be fully present in life, period!
Feb 18 2014
at 9:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Saturday I caught Gregory Porter and The Spring Quartet (DeJohnette, Lovano, Spalding & Genovese) at the Chicago Symphony Center. Some moron sitting in the balcony behind the stage kept taking flash photos during Porter’s set. During the intermission I spoke to an usher who got the House Manager on his walkie-talkie (?). I had pointed out where he was sitting and what he was wearing so they were able to find him. They usually ask the person to leave but they got him to stop the photography. I really don’t get it when people take photos when they make an announcement before the show. I was tempted to confront him myself.
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