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SUBJECT: PM Unity Group Tour-Charlotte NC Back to Subjects
Feb 16 2014
at 9:18 PM
After having been snowed in and having the previous engagement cancelled due to the winter storm, The guys came out in Charlotte ready to play and their pent up energies were running high. They were ready to play and it was obvious. The band was impressively tight and the show was simply slack-jawed mesmerizing. For two and a half hours we sat spellbound by one of the most incredible performances we have been fortunate enough to see in a long time. Surrounded by various acoustic-mechanical instruments from the Orchestrion Project that came to life at different times during the show, we were treated to a singular musical experience that I can’t quite put my finger on...besides the band, there were the blown bottles, the vibraphone, and the was a strange mix of what seemed like steam punk atmospherics and some the world’s greatest and accomplished jazz musicians. What ensued was a seamless musical conversation that was completely unique and awe-inspiring. I found myself more than once pinching myself, just thankful to be there...Grand Tier, first row, center seats. The mix was superb. Three encores, the first my all- time favorite... Pat once again refuses to be labeled, pigeonholed, always the visionary...the innovator, the vanguard of new musical explorations. This always...a gift of excellence and delight. I went to sleep that night, and closed my eyes to vivid images, sights, and most of all...extraordinary and enduring sounds. A fabulous show!
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Feb 18 2014
at 6:28 AM
Bookmark and Share UT...I’ve driven several hours and stayed overnight just to see Pat play and I’m like’s worth it. There are not many bands or musicians that I’m willing to do that for...but Pat is one of the few...and this show is about as good as it gets. Of course I say that about every Pat Metheny concert, but these guys on this tour have something very special going on and it is a sheer pleasure to see them play live...If one could wear special glasses to reveal the invisible energy going on between these guys it would be mind blowing, it is so native and natural. PM fans old and new checking out this tour will not be disappointed.
Feb 17 2014
at 8:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Had great tickets for Durham :( James, you’re going to make me cry. However.......just got good seats for Bethesda! A 6 hour drive and a hotel stay seems a small price to pay, based on reviews like this
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