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SUBJECT: PMUG at The Ferst Center, Atlanta 2/14 Back to Subjects
Feb 16 2014
at 3:00 PM
Flawless playing throughout. The last encore w/PM playing a solo suite was beautiful but sad; it spoke of the inevitable progression of time and life (is this too heavy?) Highlight of The Evening: Potter plays guitar!
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Feb 18 2014
at 8:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Not too heavy for me, Kooltrane; I completely agree. The nostalgic aspect of much of the night, coupled with my escalating medical issues, made me wonder if this was the last concert of Pat’s I’d ever be privileged to see. More than once, I’ve told my loved ones: "If you’re happy I’m still here, then thank Pat Metheny, because his music is among my Top 3 Reasons for Living!" They know that I am serious, and I hope that Pat does, too.
Feb 17 2014
at 10:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I’d echo what Kooltrane said - a thoroughly entertaining show in Atlanta - nearly 3 hours of great music! I’ve seen Pat live 20 times or so since I discovered his music in 1985 and this show was as enjoyable as many others over the years.
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