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Feb 16 2014
at 2:13 AM
Not sure where to start. Have seen Pat probably at least 20 times now and I have to say that this group of musicians is about as good as it gets. The show was about 2 hours 45 minutes and it’s everything everyone else has been saying. Pat is playing better than I’ve ever heard him before and the tightness of this group is amazing. Giulio Carmassi’s voice is so pure, kinda reminds me of Pedro, a good addition, Chris Potter’s sax playing fits in so nice with Pat’s playing you would think they have been playing together for years. Ben Williams bass playing and solo’s are so melodic and tasteful and we all know how great Antonio is - his drum solo’s are like listening to a soloist on a melodic instrument ... This was also my sons first Pat Metheny concert (9 yrs old) and at first he was just sitting there and than about 4 songs in I glance over and he is clapping after solo’s and at the end of songs ... he really enjoyed the show, which hopefully will be the first of many ... If you have the opportunity to go see this group don’t hesitate ... can’t think of a better group out there ...
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Feb 25 2014
at 5:28 PM
Bookmark and Share A normal PM gig then! Long may it continue.
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