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Feb 15 2014
at 3:56 AM
Been to about 5-6 PMG concerts since the early 80’s. I hadn’t really gotten into the straight ahead stuff I thought the Unity band was bringing, but when I read Metheny talk about a 3D experience I decided to drop some coin on the CD. Nice very very nice. Then I went to the show and I was blown away. Wow- Wow- Wow- Now I will have to go out and check out the first CD number #1 and then listen a little more closely to Kin number #2. I agree with another poster and will not spoil the show for anyone but it was truly a heck of a show. The one thing that stands out is how these 5 guys add a "freshness" to the older tunes as well as that full PMG sound. The show in Charlotte was about 2- 2.5 hrs long and I imagine they needed to hustle to get to the next city. I enjoyed this show so much I might try to catch it in my hometown of Philly. Best PMG show I have ever seen.
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