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SUBJECT: Pat has just won Goya award Back to Subjects
Feb 09 2014
at 4:33 PM
Hi guys, just to inform that Pat has just won the Goya award for their soundtrack for "Living is easy with eyes closed". The Goya awards are the spanish equivalent for the Oscars. I guess he hasn’t been able to attend the show, he is too busy at this moment, ha, ha. Let’s hope we can listen to this soundtrack some day. ¡Enhorabuena Maestro!
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Feb 10 2014
at 4:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Congratulations Pat!!!! It´s a beautiful film and a delicious music.
Feb 10 2014
at 3:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Great news. Looking forward to this. Winning an award for music prior to the music’s public release deserves an award all its own!
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