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Feb 06 2014
at 4:12 AM
I turned on a jazzradiostation yesterday (where there’s no talk in between tunes) and "James" was playing. Only, this version I’d never heard before and I do not have it on record (even if I must have every album, video, DVD Pat ever played on). It was very much Pat’s style so I’m sure it was him, but the piano player did not sound like Lyle Mays. Any ideas? It sounded like it was recorded live. Would they broadcast something from YouTube so to speak...?I can’ t imagine, but I am very curious to find out what this might have been...
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Mar 21 2014
at 3:40 PM
Bookmark and Share I noticied that the Unity Band covered James in Columbus.
Mar 13 2014
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share During the first tour with Pedro Aznar and Paul Wertico I heard the PMG playing James as a REGGAE (Might have been an encore) Quite outstanding. Before with the 80/81 lineup James was plaed with beautiful soloing of Pat, Dewey Redman and Mike Brecker.
Mar 12 2014
at 1:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I, for one am not a fan of this worn staple of a tune on the tours. But, hey, they have been playing it on the current tour like you have never heard it played - to the extent that I liked it alot. Ditto for everything on the current tour. This tour is fabulous and a million miles from the cd already.
Feb 27 2014
at 5:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian - I consider that to be one of the best solos I’ve ever heard, in any song. It sounds composed from start to finish, and it just WORKS so well. He has ideas that extend many measures, have an obvious direction, and hit the changes perfectly. Now I can’t stop playing it in my head.
Feb 25 2014
at 5:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I guess everyone here knows this already but the Live Trio version of James features one of Pat’s standout solos
Feb 12 2014
at 2:07 AM
Bookmark and Share To Rob : the sample does not really allow to listen to the piano-part but I’m kinda recognizing the sound so I’m guessing that’s the one! And this is a cd I do not possess, so I’ll be buying it anyway. Thx!
Feb 11 2014
at 3:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Thx everyone for your help.working crazy hours for the moment, but as soon as I can I’ll be checking it out and let you know if I found it!
Rob B in CT
Feb 09 2014
at 8:45 PM
Bookmark and Share bxl: Te Vou is a good disc. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a review with some sound samples:
Feb 09 2014
at 4:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Just for the record (pun intended), Straight Up by Bob James is with Brian Blade and Christian McBride.
Feb 08 2014
at 7:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Here’s a list of all the covers of "James" that I’ve been able to find on iTunes: Bob James Trio; Catrin Finch; Darrell Scott; The Duo (which is actually by Norbert Gottschalk and Frank Haunschild); Havard Graff and Knute Mikalsen; Hot ’n Spicy; Nigel Waddington et al.; Remi Toulon; Rodolfo Maltese and Massimo Alviti; Victoria Rummler; Awada Mariko: and Jason Vieaux. The version by Gottschalk & Haunschild is my favorite. I’m always looking for more covers -- if I’ve missed any, let me know.
Feb 07 2014
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Thx Rob, that might be something. The thing is that the tune was already half way when I heard it on the radio. At that moment there was no sax but I will definitely check it out ! Further more, you’re talking about an album I was not aware that Pat’s on it. Seems I don’t have them all after all...shame on me!
Feb 07 2014
at 12:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey BXL, I’m not sure who’s with Bob James on that just occasionally shows up on one of my Pandora stations so I threw that out there as a possible guess.
Rob B in CT
Feb 07 2014
at 11:47 AM
Bookmark and Share bxl: If it included saxophone, it may have been Pat on Roy Haynes’ disc, Te Vou. Includes David Kikoski on piano and Donald Harrison on sax.
Feb 07 2014
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share naut--that brings back memories of "James"...remember the first time hearing it live in Aug 82 Offramp Tour they played it straight, then Nov 84 First Circle Tour they did the "freestyle" version. Hadn’t thought about that in years. I remember thinking when I heard it jazzed up, "yeah, they probably got sick of it straight and had to turn it into something new."
Feb 07 2014
at 6:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi again JSJJ21. Think I know what you’re talking about : the album Straight up. But I don’t believe there was a guitar on it. It’s a trio with C.Mcbride and B.Blade,no?
Feb 07 2014
at 5:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Thx naut. Actually it wasn’t a "weird" version at all. It’s just that the soloing was a bit different from the ones I have in my musical library, so to speak and then especially the piano. JSJJ21, is that with Pat on the guitar?
Feb 06 2014
at 8:50 PM
Bookmark and Share It might be Bob James’ version. He has a trio recording that covers this song. Just a guess.
Feb 06 2014
at 5:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I don’t know which version of "James" you heard, bxl, but I will say that I saw the PMG back in the early ’80s and they did a totally reconstructed take on the tune. Afterwards, Pat said something to the effect of, "Many of you may have heard that song, but not the way we just did it." It was really bluesy and funked up. It was also about this time that JT had gotten back on smack, which I guess is why Pat did the song that way. Since I’m an old man now, it’s hard to remember that far back, but I do recall that it was weird. Maybe someone will come up with the one you’re curious about.
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