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Jan 31 2014
at 5:27 PM
There is a full track from Kin and it is amazing. This tour is going to be great.
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Feb 03 2014
at 7:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Received my Vinyl/cd pre-order , just started spinning it now ...... always great to have some new music from pat!
Feb 02 2014
at 11:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Very exciting to hear. I preordered my CD as soon as it was possible. But I’ve actually been worried that there was no way this recording could live up to my craving for a new "group" CD (even if it’s a different group configuration). His group stuff is what I love most of Pat’s work. It’s my favorite music on this planet and has been since the early 1980s. But it’s been a long time since "The Way Up" and I worried that it would never have that wonderful "thing" that all his PMG albums have had. The samples have dispelled my fear. He has found a way to move forward while retaining continuity with the past. Win/win for artist and audience. I love trio improv and the rest, and listen to a lot of jazz. But as far as Pat Metheny is concerned, I just have a deep need for that bigger band, carefully composed, beautifully melodic thing. I worried about how sax would change the flavor (sax, for some reason, has never quite been my favorite instrument). But I think I’m going to love this new venture and--as always grow with it in my taste and musical sensibilities. God bless Pat Metheny and the inspired musicians surrounding him.
Feb 01 2014
at 11:55 PM
Bookmark and Share There are many surprises on the CD and every fan should have it in their collection. I got my copy at the art reception on Thursday. Seeing the show at the Keswick. The entire recording is great and I suggest ordering it.
Feb 01 2014
at 6:20 PM
Bookmark and Share And just heard second full track.....Rise Up...... just hearing these 2 tracks.... Unbelievable!!!! Cannot wait for cd.....and concert!!! did it AGAIN!!!
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