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Apr 12 2011
at 7:11 AM
Thanks Mugsy for suggesting this album in an earlier post. It is a beautiful recording you were absolutely right on this. I give this recording a big thumbs up.
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Apr 16 2011
at 11:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Another new CD that will be out on the 26th is Joshua Redman’s band, James Farm. I saw them when they were in town and it should be a truly great CD. I have already ordered mine from Nonsuch.
Apr 15 2011
at 5:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah it does...I’m awaiting new Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band release and a new "live" Freddie Hubbard Cd via Amazon...gotta love great jazz.
Tom Rudd
Apr 15 2011
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Peterw, thanks for the tip. This is a great line up. This sounds like a cd I would simply love. The list always gets longer doesn’t it.
Apr 14 2011
at 11:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Peterw, You are welcome! And, it is one of those albums that just gets better and better as you listen to it more and more!
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