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Jan 29 2014
at 1:00 AM
I’m so sad to learn of Pete Seeger’s death ... he was a true hero in an age with seemingly few true heroes. For his unwavering courage and integrity, for his staunch activism for civil rights, and for the environment, and against war, for his deep humanity, for his timeless songs, for his celebration of music of The People, for his influence on so many other great musicians who followed in his footsteps, and for still chopping his own damn firewood ten days before his death ... for all that and so much more, I will always be in his debt, and I will miss his spirit in this world. Thanks, Pete.
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Feb 01 2014
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, fred. I was going to mention something about Pete but you, like usual, summed it up perfectly.
Jan 31 2014
at 12:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Paul Winter commented on his passing in an email : "Our long-time friend and mentor, Pete Seeger, passed away on Monday. I was privileged to meet Pete at the Newport Folk Festival in 1966, and he then gave me encouragement as I was creating a new ensemble that became the Paul Winter Consort. In the early 90s, sensing that Pete’s recordings were not being heard by younger generations, I suggested to him that he record an album of his Earth songs. He said, "My voice is shot, but if we can have a chorus to carry the melodies, I could sing along." My Living Music colleagues and I produced the album Pete in 1996. It won a Grammy, Pete’s first. The final song, "To My Old Brown Earth" (lyrics below), is one Pete had written for a friend’s funeral. It’s the most moving "goodbye song" I’ve ever heard. We’d like to offer it as a free download for anyone who would like to hear it. And please feel free to pass it along to your friends.
Jan 30 2014
at 11:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, guys.
Rob B in CT
Jan 30 2014
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Very nicely said, Fred. Here’s a recent post about Pete Seeger from a favorite singer-songwriter, Dave Alvin: "I never met Pete Seeger face to face. But I did talk to him late one night in 1989 on a radio call-in show. I was broke, trying to live in Nashville and trying to write harmless songs that might get covered by whatever Nashville-Pop-Country artist was big at the time. Mr Seeger was a guest on a late night talk radio show on a station from somewhere in Ohio and I, feeling desperate, called and was put on the air with him. I told him my situation and he gave me some career advice. "Write about what moves you." He said. "Write from your heart and experience. Write about what you love and what you hate. You can’t go wrong that way and you won’t feel miserable all the time." Not long after that, I went back home and have tried my best to follow his advice ever since. Thank you for your true words and for everything else, Mr Seeger."
Jan 29 2014
at 12:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Fred, I don’t think anyone will expound any better. You nailed it.
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