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SUBJECT: Favorite last track on a PM album/CD? Back to Subjects
Jan 27 2014
at 2:14 PM
What is your favorite final track on a Pat Metheny album/CD? After all these years, "Lone Jack" from the White album is still mine, with "Estupenda graca" from AFWSFW and "Stranger in Town" from WLH ties for a close second. Any other votes?
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Feb 05 2014
at 2:34 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m with eysikal and colin - Wherever You Go. A haunting melody a beautiful sounding track. But Lone Jack to Way Up final part, it’s as difficult a choice as you’ll find.
Feb 04 2014
at 8:34 AM
Bookmark and Share "The Bat" - Supremely atmospheric ending to a supreme album.
Feb 01 2014
at 8:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Lots of good choices, but my favorite may be "Praise" from "First Circle". An incredible momentum-building, uplifting song that ends an iconic album.
Jan 30 2014
at 2:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Eysikal I am with you. Veryclose to being my favourite track of Pat’s ever!
Rob B in CT
Jan 29 2014
at 5:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Top 3 favorites of those not yet mentioned: 1) Goin’ Ahead from 80/81; 2) San Lorenzo from Travels; 3) Round Trip/Broadway Blues from Bright Size Life.
Jan 29 2014
at 3:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Allways hard to choose a favourite Metheny... But to add one not mentioned yet: The Awakening from ID. Such an epic piece of music!
Jan 29 2014
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Letter from Home from Letter from Home, And I Love from What’s It All About. I always loved the last 3 tracks from Secret Story
Jan 29 2014
at 2:10 AM
Bookmark and Share Part 3 of THE WAY UP, the entirety of it all.....and that chilling fade out. Such a prescient portent.
Jan 28 2014
at 7:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Off the top of my head-STRANGER IN TOWN from WE LIVE HERE. But to me Pat always hits the perfect notes!
Jan 28 2014
at 7:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Very nice Arlie. Following your lead with three titles I’d say for me favorite last track is Sea Song for Watercolors. Didn’t expect that one did ya. Close second is acoustic Travels from Trio 99-00 and Spirit of the Air from Orchestrion.
Jan 28 2014
at 1:22 PM
Bookmark and Share "Wherever You Go" from "Speaking of Now". Pat’s solos are tremendous. Also love the sitar sound.
Jan 28 2014
at 1:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Third Wind from SLT and 3 Flights Up from Q and A
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