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Jan 24 2014
at 10:59 AM
I have heard most of the tracks from the new release at this point. And accepting the concept for what it is, i.e. a hats-off to Pat's early group conception as opposed to a surprise in unexpected directions, in my opinion this cd is even better than the first PMUB release. From retro-references to Pat's own history to progressive takes, it manages to satisfactorily span the very wide range of fan-base taste which in itself is an amazing feat. The collage cover explains it all. A Kaleidoscope of Intriguing Narrations (KIN)! This tour is going to blow my fuzzy socks off. Liz.
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Jan 29 2014
at 12:58 PM
Bookmark and Share From the little bit I’ve heard, it sounds like a culmination of everything Pat has done to date, with an emphasis on PMG and UB. I get a feeling he has that fire he had back with Travels live when he took the quartet format and added Nana creating a higher sonic level. This tour is shaping up to be special, even by Metheny standards.
Jan 25 2014
at 1:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Liz. Same sentiments here. I think this upcoming KIN Tour will be mind and soul expansion.
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