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SUBJECT: Oh Boy! KIN samples on iTunes! Back to Subjects
Jan 15 2014
at 5:35 PM
I just got finished listening to 90 second samples of all nine songs from KIN at iTunes! What a tease! I heard everything from First Circle to Ochestrion. Nonesuch has samples too and I think they are different. Can’t wait for Feb. 4th for the CD and Feb. 28th to see/hear them live...
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Jan 25 2014
at 10:49 AM
Bookmark and Share I must say I’m not a fan of the makes it sound a bit too "smooth" for my tastes. But, aside from that, this thing sounds totally killer. Really dense material, reeks of earlier PM but repackaged into Pat’s newer more harmonically- dense Orchestrion style, and I love it. I hear not only early PM but also a lot of Speaking of Now and The Way Up.
Jan 23 2014
at 11:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t think it’s spliced at all... but you’re right. The sample did change sometime over the last week.
Jan 19 2014
at 10:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Sounds like the sample for On Day One actually changed a little in recent days. In its place we hear some odd meter 16th note passage that seems to foreshadow just how diverse this track really is. Almost seems like it’s spliced into the mix, before the Guilio vocal part comes in and the song seemingly ends. Yes, someone is teasing us for sure.
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