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SUBJECT: anyone receive Fan Pre-Sale tickets ??? Back to Subjects
Jan 15 2014
at 3:45 PM
With the start of PMUG tour in about a fortnight. Has anyone who bought the fan pre-sale tickets from this site receive their tickets yet?
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Feb 26 2014
at 8:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Boston tix arrived yesterday. So looking forward to this. The last show of the Unity Band at Berklee, my then girlfriend wanted to leave after the first encore. First time I left a show early. Not going to happen this time.
Feb 25 2014
at 7:38 PM
Bookmark and Share received mine Schenectady tickets today
Feb 20 2014
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share I received an email yesterday telling me my tickets for the Wilbur show in Boston are being sent.
Feb 18 2014
at 9:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Tickets for the Seattle show for March 4 finally arrived. All is well now.
Feb 18 2014
at 1:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Going to the 3-10-14 show and got my tickets last Tuesday.
Feb 16 2014
at 3:20 PM
Bookmark and Share My feelings on this subject, service charges on concert tickets are out of hand. And service we get for it, well is just pitiful to say the lease. The service charges on my 2 tickets bought trough the Pre-Sale here was a whopping 35percent of what the tickets cost, 35percent!!!! Really, in today times when overhead is/should be low with the advent of programs/apps this is just crap. Its only a piece of paper being sent to us, that fits very easily into a legal envelope? If I bought my tickets from the venue itself. I would have my tickets in my hands by now drooling all over it waiting for the date to come. If could only charge your credit card when the tickets are ready to ship. Well, Surprise, Surprise we have are tickets in a fortnight from the day we put are order in. With communication along the way in forming us on its status. Have try to check your status here about your order. Its not easy to do, Why?? I read the terms before I bought the ticket here, its just not in step with service we get from company’s online. Remember 35percent is not cheap, so we should expect great service for that service charges!!!
Feb 16 2014
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Have not yet received my expensive two tickets for the Seattle show. Don’t know why it’s taking so long since they were purchased the day they went on sale online. Getting concerned.
Feb 15 2014
at 12:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Paid a frekin arm and a leg for my ticket coming up in LA, but I do whatever it takes to get a good seat these days especially when concerns seeing Pat Really getting excited now after hearing the New CD
Jan 24 2014
at 7:20 PM
Bookmark and Share StPatrick -- the Jacksonville tix came via email from the theatre as soon as I ordered them last fall.
Jan 22 2014
at 9:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, not sure why the whole presale thing this year confused me, maybe didn’t know where to look. Maybe the Schedule page, yuh? Anyways, clicked on tickets for SF, and the service charge was $16. Somebody’s making money on the ticketing, i guess. I got will call tickets directly from Mahaffey theater in St Pete with a modest charge, but early on all the tickets in first 6-7 rows were gone,
Jan 22 2014
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Arlie, was just wondering about how long ago you got your Jacksonville Tickets? I am also waiting on mine Schenectady tickets?
Jan 21 2014
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Patsfan, The North America Pre-Sale went on sale September 20th 2013 for most of the Winter / Spring 2014 tour. I bought my own tickets on the 20th, still waiting for them to show up thou? A few more dates where added later and I am not sure if all dates where available in the end? Now as the each Venue box office started to sell there own dates, the pre-sale tickets stop being offer here. Hence the pre-sale status.
Jan 20 2014
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I received tix for show in Jacksonville FL on 2/5/14. I have not received tix for show in Schenectady on 3/20, but lots of time for that one.
Jan 19 2014
at 5:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, As I am seeing with a good friend the Pat Metheny Unity Band Live at the Music Center at Strathmore in Rockville, MD on March 21st 2014 and should be a Super Experience!
Jan 18 2014
at 8:49 PM
Bookmark and Share St Pat. .... The whole presale thing is a mystery to me. I’m glad you got 50percent of the way, hope you get your tickets.. It will be worth all the worry ::)
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