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SUBJECT: Kennedy Center Honors: Herbie Hancock Back to Subjects
Dec 30 2013
at 5:52 PM
Watched the KC Honors on 12/19 and saw a "dream band" salute Herbie Hancock. Corea, DeJonhnette, Shorter, Rosenwinkel, Holland etc. When will PM win his KC Honor?
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Jan 03 2014
at 1:17 PM
Bookmark and Share This year’s program was actually done very well. There was a great salute to the armed forces during the tribute to Billy Joel. And the smokin band for Herbie’s tribute was top shelf.
Jan 02 2014
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share This link might give you some insight into how it’s done, frank:
Jan 02 2014
at 10:03 AM
Bookmark and Share How does someone recieve this honor ?
Dec 31 2013
at 8:40 PM
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