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SUBJECT: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts ... ) - Simon/Traut/Rodby Back to Subjects
Dec 24 2013
at 1:55 AM
I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but here is my first YouTube video! Just in time for the holidays, it’s the lovely old chestnut The Christmas Song, arranged and recorded back in the late 1900s by me, guitarist Ross Traut, and bassist Steve Rodby, engineered and mixed by Rich Breen; it was released by Columbia Records on A Jazzy Wonderland, which, due to some quirk in the space-time continuum, is still in print. Enjoy! All the best to you and yours, Grateful Fred
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Jan 24 2014
at 2:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Mr. Flowers. Although, actually, I think quite a few people do know how Inuit dress; I know I do. And of course, our version is instrumental, no lyric ... just melody and chords. Thanks for checking in!
Mr Flowers
Jan 21 2014
at 5:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Just logging in now for the first time in years to suggest you check out what "Folks Dressed Up Like Eskimos" looks like. Best wishes, Mr. Flowers.
Jan 20 2014
at 3:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Yossarian!
Jan 15 2014
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share The Grateful Fred... love it! (sounds great Fred)
Dec 29 2013
at 7:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks to all for the very kind words ... so glad you enjoyed it! Btw, I’d be remiss in not letting you know that this was a real collaboration by the trio: the intro/outro and first A section is my reharmonization, the second A is Ross’ reharmonization, and then Steve blows on the original Nat Cole changes as Ross switches briefly to arch-top guitar. Honestly, although I do like my own chords, it’s Ross’ changes that really kill me. Plus, on the second bridge I hear Ross quoting James Taylor’s "Country Road" ... not sure if intentional, but I hear it nonetheless. Happy New Year to all!
Dec 26 2013
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Awesome rendition Fred. It goes onto my holiday playlist immediately. Happy holidays and thanks for sharing Peace
Dec 25 2013
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share That was beautiful Fred. Nicest Christmas music I’ve heard this year. Instantly recognizable as a Fred Simon take on that famous Christmas song. Love how you were programming those synth atmospheres back in the day. You were the master of seamlessly combining the synth/piano with a nice light touch to flesh out the different orchestral possibilities of the piece. And what a great trio and production!
Dec 24 2013
at 8:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Fred + Ross + Steve. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to you!
Dec 24 2013
at 7:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Naut! Let the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength begin!
Dec 24 2013
at 6:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Beautiful tune, Fred. Thanks for sharing. Happy Festivus.
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