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Dec 10 2013
at 2:28 PM
Just got word the great Jim Hall Has passed. He will surely be missed.
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Dec 12 2013
at 5:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Very, very sad to hear this. Saw him perform live last year, so glad I did...One of the most brilliant recordings ever for me will always be his version of Concierto de Aranjuez with Chet Baker, Paul Desmond,...The legends are starting to go. Cheers Jim. May you be happy wherever you are and thx for the music.
Dec 11 2013
at 5:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Very sad to hear Jim Hall has passed. He was an amazing guitarist and I have seen him live many times. The recent multi-disc set of the Toronto trio performance from 1975 is one of the best jazz trio performances ever.
Dec 10 2013
at 9:25 PM
Bookmark and Share "Jim was one of the most important improvising guitarists in jazz history. His musical generosity was an exact reflection of his deep humanity." ~ Pat in an e-mail to The Associated Press, according to the following article
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