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Apr 10 2011
at 11:50 PM
Will it ever happen? I have been waiting for this. It seems like it must happen at some point. Maybe Beyond the Missouri Sky with Keith joining Pat and Charlie. I will dream about this tonight.
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Apr 14 2011
at 10:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I will keep dreaming about it anyway....
Apr 13 2011
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks bluepno and Fred, I’d always assumed that after going a few rounds with McLaughlin in the early 1970’s, Jarrett had called quits on working with guitarists. I’ll check them out. Cheers John.
Apr 12 2011
at 5:48 PM
Bookmark and Share "Photon Man"-Yeah,I would have to say Keith’s vocals are not what I would want to hear with Pat’s music.They in no way compare with the vocals of Richard Bona,Cuong Vu,Pedro Aznar or the late Mark Ledford,to name a few.
Photon Man
Apr 12 2011
at 2:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Fido. Sorry, but I can’t imagine hearing Keith squealing in the background of something as beautiful as Beyond the Missouri Sky. Keith is a brilliant pianist but there is no excuse for such grunting and moaning during a performance. I attribute it to utter arrogance.
Apr 12 2011
at 8:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Fred, I will have to pull that LP out. It’s been a longtime since I’ve listened to that one. He has used guitar in so few circumstances. It must be an extended withdrawal from his Miles experience. Ruta and Dayitra with Jack Dejohnette has always been a favorite just for the pure Fender Rhodes sound and funk.
Apr 12 2011
at 2:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Bluepno and Fred.
Apr 11 2011
at 11:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Barley...i’ll second your sentiments! The idea yesterday !
Apr 11 2011
at 4:55 PM
Bookmark and Share bluepno and thehague, guitarist Sam Brown also played on Jarrett’s album Expectations.
Apr 11 2011
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share To thehague , in1974 with Sam Brown on Treasure Island. A fine album.
Apr 11 2011
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh, I hope not.
Apr 11 2011
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat have once said : he doesn’t want to play with Keith. Because his appreciation (admiration)for Keith is so immense he doens’t want to spoiled it when he would playing together !!!!!!
Apr 11 2011
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Keith Jarrett is world class brilliant but I’ve also gotten the impression that he has a world class ego to go along with the brilliance. If they didn’t play together during their ECM days I can’t imagine it would happen now.
Apr 11 2011
at 10:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Did KJ ever perform or record with a guitarist?
Apr 11 2011
at 5:47 AM
Bookmark and Share I know Keith has been present at metheny concerts back in the early ecm says - as to them getting together well i suppose its unlikely but it sure would be interesting.
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