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Nov 26 2013
at 8:27 AM
That’s an unusal and fascinating cover. What can it suggest? United in diversity? Or one yet wide apart?
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Jan 02 2014
at 12:19 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s available on iTunes: Robert Elms BBC London, Dec 13 program (Len Goodman / Mark Cavendish / Pat Metheny). Full disclosure that the featured Kin clip has been scrubbed from the podcast. I was only quoting Pat about the techno vibe thing. Apparently the show first aired with it a bit prematurely, per the way Pat and the label normally work. Pat alludes to this during the interview.
Jan 02 2014
at 1:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Got a link to that interview, blisterfree?
Jan 01 2014
at 10:47 PM
Bookmark and Share How about a bit of a techno vibe, but with some interesting chords? Recent BBC London interview with Pat. Just a taste of maybe what to expect, says Pat, at least on one track, whichever one it might be.
Dec 21 2013
at 4:48 PM
Bookmark and Share "Kqu" - Great Scrabble word, when the tiles are running low. ;)
Dec 20 2013
at 11:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Anyone else notice the track listing for Kin is up on the Nonesuch website: Looks like the album starts off with a 15 minute epic "On Day One." Well over an hour of music all told. Waiting patiently for samples... Meanwhile, anyone care to hazard a guess at the meaning of "Kqu"?
Dec 19 2013
at 4:49 PM
Bookmark and Share wow, there is an animation of that cover on youtube
Nov 30 2013
at 12:38 PM
Bookmark and Share For me it references two great artists...the wonderful romare beardon and duke ellingtons’ afro eurasian suite.
Nov 28 2013
at 7:15 PM
Bookmark and Share I think you both got it right. It’s also one of those signature Metheny patchwork covers, but this time creating a whole image of its own. It would be super-cool if the CD artwork had a moving .gif, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. At least you can save the image on the puter (or whatever kind of device you may use). "Kin" also has etymological roots in "kind" & "generations," for what it’s worth. The suffice -nik denotes "a person associated with a specified state, belief, or quality," which is kind of cool. Metheniks. hehe....
Nov 27 2013
at 12:45 AM
Bookmark and Share I see it as a pictorial representation of the whole being more than the sum of its parts, particularly with respect to the musical interaction of this quartet, now a quintet. Though I’m not sure if it’s to be seen as a literal morphing of the five members themselves. The animated GIF version of the cover art is equally cryptic in this regard. P-MUGS or not P-MUGS?
Nov 26 2013
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I see it as all of mankind has morphed into one race through the generations of multi-nationalities leaving us now as all being related, being from the same kin. Once divided, now united.
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