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Nov 22 2013
at 9:20 AM
EVer since I saw this title of the file Pat has scored, I’ve been racking my brain about that phrase. I think it’s a song lyric, but I can’t remember what the song is. Any help out there?
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Jun 07 2015
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share I watched it recently also and have a question. I noticed each of the main characters either witnessed someone being slapped in the face or was that someone. This seemed to be the event that set them on their journey. I suppose the idea could be they were Iiving with eyes closed and this was a wake up call of sorts. But what significance, if any, was there in Belen receiving a slap from Bruno?
May 28 2015
at 8:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Watched it last night...wonderful film...intensely beautiful and understated acoustic guitar work by a master musician.
May 23 2015
at 4:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Just watched the film last night on Netflix ... excellent, loved it. Beautiful, understated music from Pat and Charlie, and, of course, John Lennon.
Feb 15 2014
at 9:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Here’s a link to some samples of the music. It sounds great! I sure hope they release a CD of the soundtrack.
Jan 09 2014
at 3:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Not yet, I guess. Per the film’s FB page, and try a browser find on the text string "Dear Ben, the soundtrack is still no available for sale, but we hope it will be very soon!! thanks!!"
Jan 09 2014
at 12:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone heard this soundtrack yet?
Jan 07 2014
at 3:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Anyone know anything about the potential release of this soundtrack by Pat and Charlie Haden?
Nov 23 2013
at 7:11 AM
Bookmark and Share You’re welcome.
Nov 22 2013
at 11:03 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s on the Home page at the bottom.
Nov 22 2013
at 7:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Beatles. "Strawberry Fields Forever." "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see. It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out, it doesn’t matter much to me." (John, I’m sure.) / Where is this title that Pat scored? I’m unfamiliar with it.
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