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Nov 14 2013
at 10:18 AM
I thought it might prove interesting to put up a link to a mix that I’ve just made and posted on Mixcloud (streaming only – no downloads). When I say ‘mix’ that might give the impression of BPMs, breakdowns and cross-fades, but it’s really just the digital equivalent of the old-style cassette mix tape you used to do for the car, or your girlfriend or your mates. Well, I did anyway. So, with apologies to Brad Mehldau for both appropriating the title and the fact that he’s not included, here’s the Art Of The Trio #1 - a collection of tracks by piano trios, you may not be surprised to hear. Many of them appear, to me at least, to be indebted to the legacy of Esbjorn Svensson, who pushed the boundaries of the piano trio into completely new areas before his untimely demise. Some will be familiar to you, some may not be. If this mix encourages you to seek out the latter and make the odd purchase that’s great, but either way I hope you enjoy it. Full track listing ...... Alexi Tuomarila Trio - Seven Hills Eple Trio - Silversmith Espen Eriksen Trio - On The Sea Morten Schantz Trio - Book Of Recurring Dreams Salvatore Bonafede Trio - Blackbird Kit Downes Trio - In Brixen Jef Neve Trio - The Space We Need Karen Bach Trio - Staircase Music Helge Lien Trio - Small No Need Colin Vallon Trio - Home Anat Fort Trio - Clouds Moving Link.....
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Nov 15 2013
at 11:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I have seen many piano trios the last couple years and several have been very unique. I just saw The Bad Plus do their take on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Earlier in the year caught Craig Taborn Trio, Gerald Clayton Trio, and last year Robert Glasper Trio.
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