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Apr 10 2011
at 11:49 PM
This is what makes Metheny Metheny. I often hear people talk about his other qualities such as his melodicism, his amazing compositional skill, his bandleading, his versatility and all are impressive. But it is his feel and time that sets him apart. There are only a handful of players out there that have that kind of freedom and bounce all mixed together. Anyone else know what I mean?
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Apr 12 2011
at 3:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Note choice and placement within the greater musical and rhythmic framework is how I’d put it. It’s a rare improvisatory skill to be able to hear what note to play next and also to master the space and time in which it unfolds. Even when Pat improvises around fretboard patterns and shapes, often selecting from familiar colors on his palette, it is always somehow just right, both in the moment and in the greater context of the solo.
Apr 11 2011
at 4:13 PM
Bookmark and Share There are some instructional videos floating around where Pat demonstrates practicing with the metronome playing on 2 and 4. He seems to have mastered timing within the backbeat. It has been a defining groove of the 20th century.
Apr 11 2011
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share In the words of the Bridegroom: "I do".
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