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SUBJECT: Steve Kuhn w/Joe Lovano - Mostly Coltrane Back to Subjects
Tom Rudd
Feb 10 2011
at 8:22 AM
Just a heads up on a wonderful CD by Steve Kuhn on ECM. Enjoyable listening over and over again. Steve will be at Scullers in Boston sometime in March, playing material from this CD. Should be a good take.
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Feb 13 2011
at 10:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve had this one on my list for awhile. This little reminder tipped me over the edge--just ordered it.
Feb 11 2011
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Tom, thanks for the reminder. I am going to try and be there that evening.
s in Boston
Feb 11 2011
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Icefire, Pat and Joe Lovano were both on Charlie Haden’s recording, "Nocturne," but I think that’s pretty much the extent of their association.
Tom Rudd
Feb 11 2011
at 8:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Yeah you’re right Dazedcat, joe sounds great on this CD. Another recording that he shines on is Scofield’s "Works For Me"
Feb 11 2011
at 7:40 AM
Bookmark and Share yes, this is one of the best lovano performances on a record in quite a while. his work on those 1990’s john scofield albums are great too. i am thinking of "what we do" and "time on my hands." personally i find his own albums boring and sort of stuck in a box although the playing is ok. does anyone know if pat has recorded with lovano?
Feb 10 2011
at 5:36 PM
Bookmark and Share This is truly a great record. Personally speaking I’ve never heard Lovano sound better than he does on this.
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