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Oct 26 2013
at 9:47 PM
Really, no one else is curious about the presage tickets??. There doesn’t seem to be any logic to their sale, like right now a March concert has popped up , but haven’t they ( us .... This website ) bought blocks of tickets at every concert?
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Nov 27 2013
at 8:01 AM
Bookmark and Share I am assuming often it is out of Pat’s control as each venue has different policies. I always go to the venue’s website. Luckily this time I am a subscriber to the Jazz Series at the Chicago Symphony Center so I got my ticket for Pat a long time ago.
Nov 26 2013
at 8:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, guys. I look at the presale venues and don’t see much of anything. I must be missing out here on something ... Would have liked Pat’s signed album , etc. but I’m missing something here. Have already bought tickets to one concert independently.
Nov 26 2013
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share I printed the tickets for the Mar 22 show at the Keswick 3 weeks ago right from their vendor’s website.
Nov 22 2013
at 11:36 AM
Bookmark and Share This is what the email said: By choosing USPS 1st Class Mail - Standard, it does NOT mean that your tickets will be shipped out immediately after you process your order. Tickets will be shipped no later than 10 business days (approximately 2 weeks) before the event date; however they might be shipped earlier. If you have not received your tickets within one week of the event date, please email for further assistance. The tracking number displayed on your shipping confirmation email only confirms your order has left our facility. This number is not passed to and no further tracking is available.
Nov 21 2013
at 3:56 PM
Bookmark and Share You can also get tickets through Ticketmaster for the Jackson show. 2014/event/1B004B380CE7AB60?artistid=737487&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=4&tm_link=search_msg- 0_1B004B380CE7AB60
Nov 13 2013
at 1:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I am still waiting on presale tickets. According to website, they haven’t shipped yet.
Nov 13 2013
at 7:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Has anyone ordered presale tickets and actually recieved them? I ordered 2 for a concert in St. Louis for March. I ordered them a couple of months ago and haven’t received them although I know the concert is still 4 months away. I was just wondering!?!
Nov 12 2013
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share I tried to purchase tickets for the Jackson, MS show but the site being used for ticket sales (ardenland/ticketbiscuit) is unsecured. Unable to find alternate methods so far.
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