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Bob Meyrick
Apr 10 2011
at 2:29 AM
I caught Storms/Nocturnes last night at the University of Nottingham’s Djanogly Recital Hall on the penultimate date of their UK tour to promote their new CD "Via". Tim Garland (tenor and soprano saxes, bass clarinet), Joe Locke (vibes) and Geoff Keezer (piano) were in stunning form. Describing their music as "chamber jazz" would do it a disservice, as this suggests something polite and restrained. Joe Locke in particular was on fire - his improvised intro to "Miramar" was a masterclass in spontaneous composition. All three members contributed compositions, the only "standard" being a lovely rendition of the Beatles’ "Blackbird", which Tim Garland prefaced by playing his tenor sax into the piano, while Geoff Keezer held down the sustain pedal, giving a reverberation which would be impossible to reproduce electronically. That was the beauty of this concert - no PA system. The hall’s acoustics were such that none was needed and after the performance Joe Locke was enthusing about how great his vibes were sounding. Highly recommended!
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Apr 10 2011
at 11:54 PM
Bookmark and Share He was great with Corea in Origin!
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