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Sep 17 2013
at 2:04 PM
wow!!!again: wow!!!
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Sep 19 2013
at 3:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Got tickets to the Atlanta show. Anybody else?
Sep 19 2013
at 2:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Looks good to me! Finally a gig schedule.
Sep 19 2013
at 2:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice and clean, esp. with the drop-down navigation. One thought: The "Commentary/Community" link could go to a launch page for the 5 drop-down items shown, or a hover could simply produce the drop-down and not be clickable in its own right. Currently the way it goes straight to the Q&A section is a bit unintuitive for a newbie, perhaps.
Sep 18 2013
at 8:12 PM
Bookmark and Share ...smashing!
Sep 18 2013
at 9:02 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t know if the intent is to support dfferent browsers and smaprtphone devices. You almost need a deicated programming team to be able to do that.
Sep 18 2013
at 1:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Looks good but indeed needs a little tweaking: on a (android) tablet the buttons of the home page are without text.
Sep 17 2013
at 9:44 PM
Bookmark and Share The new website is great.
Sep 17 2013
at 6:02 PM
Bookmark and Share It is awesome, loving it. Reg
Sep 17 2013
at 5:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice, but needs some tweaking. For instance, the "FOUNDATION CONTACT US" banner/button hangs down an inch from the main ribbon. "BIO/AWARDS" hangs down directly below "MUSIC/VIDEO". I’m using Firefox. Don’t know how it is with other browsers. Other than that, pretty swell overall.
Sep 17 2013
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share yeah, even the old posts of ours look great !
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