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SUBJECT: Metheny Catalog on SACD? Back to Subjects
Sep 12 2013
at 9:31 AM
I am thrilled with the SACD format & sound. I just bot Pat’s fave guitar album: Wes’s Smokin’ at the Half Note’ on SACD. WOW! Come on Pat, let’s get the Metheny catalog in SACD. I know, its a simplistic question, but "How ’bout it?"
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From: Message:
Sep 19 2013
at 5:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeh it’s certainly something i would like to see & even better if they had surround mixes ..... I also love the Blu-ray audio format even better .... Certainly would like to see some sort of Hi-res option in the future .
Sep 19 2013
at 4:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Chris-am aware of these & own Like Minds, but lets see/hear Pat’s work on SACD is what I propose.
Sep 19 2013
at 1:37 AM
Bookmark and Share SACD + 1 !
Chris Digger
Sep 13 2013
at 5:38 PM
Bookmark and Share There are only 2 SACDs w/ Metheny out: Like Minds (Gary Burton) and Pilgrimage (Michael Brecker).
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