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SUBJECT: Pat on BBC Radio 2 September 2nd Back to Subjects
Aug 31 2013
at 3:23 AM
Moira Stuart, the BBC newsreader and apparently long term fan, hosts a programme on Pat’s life and music next Tuesday evening at 2200
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Rob B in CT
Sep 14 2013
at 10:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads-up, Colin. Though the interview is no longer available on the BBC site, it’s now on youtube. Enjoyed it.
Sep 10 2013
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share yeh, for me the problem is it ends up in a general discussion of ’what music means to me’ and gets a bit metaphysical. The most interesting bits are when he talks about specific music, specific people, but not enough of that. Anyway, stop moaning, great to hear the man on the radio and I love Moira’s voice.
Sep 09 2013
at 11:59 PM
Bookmark and Share my bad! I meant 17 hours! It is good until 3:00 pm PST
Sep 09 2013
at 11:56 PM
Bookmark and Share If you missed this broadcast, here is a link that is good for the next 17 days...
Sep 09 2013
at 9:21 PM
Bookmark and Share ZMan, it’s from Joni Mitchell’s Shadows and Light, a live album from the Mingus tour of ’79. The track has a unique name: "Pat’s Solo." ;)
Sep 09 2013
at 6:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Where is the music from that’s played around the 46 minute mark?
Sep 08 2013
at 12:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Yossarian, I thought it was a slightly strange programme. It jumped about timewise and the trouble is with all his interviews is that there is so much you want to ask but the time constraint is always an issue. Usual stuff on Orchestrion - grandfather’s basement etc. but in general he seemed to enjoy the conversation and I managed to follow what he was talking about which isn’t always the case! Would be nice to think it reached a wider audience than it does when he’s stuck away at 1130 on Radio 3 and maybe the musical clips will encourage a few new followers.
Sep 07 2013
at 2:05 PM
Bookmark and Share jaco stories just after 30 minutes...
Sep 06 2013
at 4:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Well Yossarian when I PMG in July 1987 at the Hammersmith Odeon there was a 5 minute standing ovation at the end of First Circle - a moment to remember forever !
Sep 05 2013
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share What did you think Colin? I enjoyed it but wished Moira asked a few more specific questions - I want to know how it felt to hear the audience after they’d just played First Circle the first time live. I know what happened the first time I heard it at Hammersmith in 1985(?). Pandemonium
Sep 05 2013
at 11:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Those that can get this, give it a listen. Will last a week since it was broadcast, Tuesday night, 03 Sept.
Sep 03 2013
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share yeah just caught the end - sounds like Moira has a good rapport with the man. And on 906m4 Also, on BBC radioplayer this week’s Jazz on 3 featured John Zorn at 60, with tracks from TAP with Pat.
Sep 03 2013
at 4:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh my God, just missed it. Must be on iplayer thingy... cool. Thanks
Sep 03 2013
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share at 22:00 - that should be 5:00 pm EDT
Sep 01 2013
at 9:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry all, that should of course read Tuesday September 3rd
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