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Aug 25 2013
at 11:48 AM
What would you like to see Pat do next? He’s left almost everything untouched. I’d like to see another ‘The Way Up’ type project. That project is probably the most powerful piece the group has done. I’d also like to see something more orchestral; perhaps a collaboration with a composer like Hans Zimmer or James Horner. Not a movie score, but a modern-day symphony.
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Sep 20 2013
at 11:07 AM
Bookmark and Share bisterfree--Giulio Carmassi. I had no idea there was anyone that could be at that level on so many diverse instruments. His rendition of First Circle is miraculous and i don’t say that lightly. He obviously loves the song and his reverentially perfect playing of the solo opening acoustic guitar segment (that almost Bach-like thing that Pat created) had my hair standing on end. His other stuff on youtube leaves me speechless too but I found that after I got somewhat used to the mesmerizing display of virtuosity on so many instruments I found I was just digging the guy’s tunes and humor! I can’t even imagine what the PMUG is going to be with him but I know that I’ll be buying the CD without hesitation.
Sep 20 2013
at 1:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Giulio Carmassi! Yes yes! PM Unity Group will do just fine in this regard. This guy is utterly incredible. For those who haven’t seen it, his self-made introduction on youtube: Also see his rendition of First Circle, recorded as a one-man band. It is instantly clear why Pat chose Giulio out of the blue to round out the forthcoming Unity Group record and tour.
Sep 18 2013
at 9:16 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m not big on using "should" as to what Pat might do, but I wish he’d update his Pat Recommends page a little more often. I’ve learned a lot from what he’s posted there over the years, and I respect his opinions & judgment about music, art, philosophy, social commentary--what have you. Even those little squares of musical recommendations in the artwork of We Live Here have been enlightening. Anyway, it’s just a thought; it’s been 2 1/2 years since his last recommendation.
Sep 18 2013
at 6:54 PM
Bookmark and Share pat is doing it! i’m really excited about the upcoming music and tour. he’s covering it all.
Sep 17 2013
at 9:48 PM
Bookmark and Share I feel that the upcoming tour will be very special and a nice blend of past performances in various era’s. The Orchestrion with this group playing different compositions will be great. Looking forward to the show at the Keswick next year.
Sep 17 2013
at 6:05 PM
Bookmark and Share i say this every time this subject comes up. Celtic. Reg
Sep 17 2013
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I’d love if he would do something in the vein of Secret Story. Call it Secret Story II for all I care, but seriously I’m ready for that kind of mindblowing music. Throw in a big orchestra and the album might just stay in my cd player for considerable time.
Sep 17 2013
at 9:39 AM
Bookmark and Share I guess the question has been answered ! Sorry, the question "What will Pat do next ?" has been answered.
Sep 16 2013
at 5:42 AM
Bookmark and Share It would be great too see a DVD release of one of the unity band gigs. What ever he does next musically will be fine by me.
Sep 15 2013
at 3:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I suggest everyone watch the interview with Pat regarding his relationship with his audience on the Live in Japan DVD!!!!!
Sep 14 2013
at 12:36 PM
Bookmark and Share put the guitar down for a year. play with the kids, work on the docks, maybe build guitars with linda. take up painting like so many other jazz greats. just get out of the biz and see how the rest of the world lives. loves and operates. then do sessions with paul simon. steely and hip up and comers that we don’t even know. then be in a band with a brilliant singer - with lyrics.- just acoustic guitar (and other PAT stuff), cello, piano, flute, percussionists and singers. a few reunion gigs with the original PMG. then get a teaching spot at UMASS and tour with young folks like gary did with him. ok. pat get started!
Sep 14 2013
at 8:07 AM
Bookmark and Share eyedocmike, you could get Bill Frisel also and have a banjo trio, that would be way cool.
Sep 13 2013
at 5:40 PM
Bookmark and Share No doubt that would be sweet, eyedocmike. I’d still like to see Pat do something with Paolo Fresu, one of the finest trumpet players working today. BTW, Pat & Bela played on "White Wheeled Limousine," on Bruce’s Hot House. I don’t think Bela’s on Harbor Lights.
Sep 13 2013
at 4:56 AM
Bookmark and Share The BELA FLECK Project!!!!!! These 2 extraordinary musicians both seem to do projects that push them musically. OK guys, how ’bout that project together. My small mind tells me that the only work they appeared on together was Bruce Hornsby’s Harbor Lights. And that was studio tracks. May be wrong. How bout it Pat?
Sep 12 2013
at 10:45 AM
Bookmark and Share yossarian-I’ve always loved that song "And Then She Knew".I remember when they did that song on the We Live Here tour,they extended the vocal part at the end with a little acapella thing.It had a neat affect.
Sep 12 2013
at 4:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat does what he does, and we should be happy with that. ...but he would be the perfect guitarist on a Marc Jordan record, I must admit :)
Sep 10 2013
at 4:48 PM
Bookmark and Share And Then She Knew - second track We Live Here. What a brilliant, brilliant track. Feel good, great melody, very bright sounding, unexpected coda, super guitar solo, lovely keyboard backing, great chords... oooohh Whatever he does next, do that one again some day!
Sep 10 2013
at 9:26 AM
Bookmark and Share What ever he wants! Does he ever make a bad decision?
Sep 07 2013
at 7:38 PM
Bookmark and Share "Maybe the crowds are getting too demanding" - Well, we know how Pat feels about the technology in everyone’s pocket. No human transaction is off-the-radar anymore in the age of smartphones and youtube apps. I don’t take it personally. Anyway, looking forward to what I imagine will be a lushly orchestrated effort from PMUG. The possibilities are wide open and I’m getting pretty excited!
Sep 06 2013
at 5:30 PM
Bookmark and Share As far as what I’d like to see Pat do, is come out more often after shows. He used to do that pretty regularly. Maybe the crowds are getting too demanding. I miss saying hello to him from time to time.
Sep 03 2013
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share OK, we don’t like the word ’should’. But I tell what I would like. It’s an album of sung tunes with guest singers. It would have to include Pedro and Richard. It would not be straightforward. It would surprise but it would remind us of the amazing compositional talent behind songs like Dream of the Return, Mas Alla, You, Afternoon etc. I would be in charge of booking the backing musicians and guess what? I’d hire Lyle, Steve, Antonio, Paul and Chris Potter. Love the TAP album - beautiful
Sep 01 2013
at 10:06 PM
Bookmark and Share arrange Secret Story entirely with symphonic instruments only. do it live. let me know when and where. I’ll be there.
Aug 31 2013
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Fuller… In your link Pat talked about collaborating with this guy. Wow!
Aug 30 2013
at 6:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Spend more quality time with his family after all Pat’s sure earn it:) Peaceout
Aug 29 2013
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I think Frank is right as well. But Pat has a way of surprising us every time. It probably is going to have a very big sound, epic compositions, but at the same time, will be unlike any PMG album. With that being said, I would love to see Pat do a real big band album. Something on the scale of an Ellington, Mingus or Dave Holland size. I would love to hear Pat write for a major horn section. He really hasn’t explored it yet, and of course I would want Pat to put his own stamp on it.
Aug 29 2013
at 8:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks fuller. Wow, I’m stoked.
Aug 28 2013
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Frank, I totally agree with you on both counts: It is not about what "we" think he should do, but about what Pat wants to do.
Aug 28 2013
at 3:18 PM
Bookmark and Share I think you are right Frank.
Aug 28 2013
at 2:06 PM
Bookmark and Share @-m: Still digesting The Way Up. Maybe it should’ve been called "The 10 Year Aftertaste"? It was a very sumptuous meal indeed. Anyway, isn’t PMUG what Pat should be (or more on point IS) doing next? Why this topic "at this juncture"?
Aug 28 2013
at 4:22 AM
Bookmark and Share What Frank said.
Aug 27 2013
at 11:58 AM
Bookmark and Share I think you are going to see something like the group used to do but with the unity band.
Aug 26 2013
at 10:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been in a bit of a ’minimalist’ state of late. I’d like to see ’New New Chautauqua’ or maybe something along the lines Marc Johnson’s ’Bass Desires’. I’m still digesting ’The Way Up’ so anything more along the lines of Pat’s traditionally very dense scores doesn’t hold much interest for me. On the other hand: I’m up for surprises.
Aug 26 2013
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share whatever he wants to ? maybe you have titled this "what would you like Pat to do next".
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