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SUBJECT: Marian McPartland RIP Back to Subjects
Aug 21 2013
at 9:58 AM
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Sep 27 2013
at 9:04 AM
Bookmark and Share PeeWee, you’re very welcome.
Sep 18 2013
at 2:16 PM
Bookmark and Share had the honor of working with her on the hornsby session. i fell in love with her!
Sep 16 2013
at 10:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I listened to her program just about every Sunday when it was on Public Radio here in Atlanta. She had both Brad Mehldau and Lyle Mays on as guests on separate dates. Wow. The old silver clock awaits us all. Thanks d’heat.
Aug 30 2013
at 12:37 PM
Bookmark and Share This is why I like to come back from time to time to the garage: to learn.I never heard about her but your comments will make look for her now on the net.Cheers.
Aug 26 2013
at 4:56 PM
Bookmark and Share An icon for sure.
Aug 23 2013
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Reading the obit (she was 95), I think you could say she lived a full live. Thanks for posting this.
Aug 22 2013
at 4:21 PM
Bookmark and Share She did an improv with Jarrett on her show, and kept right up with him. She was hipper than hip. She was in "A Day In Harlem" and hung out with Monk. You better believe she could play! I will miss you Marian...
Aug 22 2013
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share I loved her "Piano Jazz" show.She was elegant,eloquent and hip.
Aug 22 2013
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes I just heard this too. Great pianist and even better hostess on her great Piano Jazz program that ran for years on public radio. I remember hearing her interview Pat a few years ago and they did a couple of duets, very cool. She will be missed. RIP
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