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Aug 19 2013
at 2:11 AM
Off ramp was a special and totally unique album. But the signature song ’ Offramp ’ is even more so. annoying or even weird to the novice listener. But now it is a favorite of mine. Anyone out there remember the ’beautiful dissonance of ’Offramp’? Also the album starts off with ’Barcole’ and ends with ’The Bat’ , now both are very special tunes for me.
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Jan 25 2014
at 10:38 AM
Bookmark and Share I will put another thumbs up for Offramp being one of my favorites over all these years. I have consistently said that AYGWM is my very favorite PM song - I agree with others that have posted here that it is like a drug. For me, it is the perfect mix of a straight ahead sounding jazz quartet and Pat’s famous synth sound. It still sends goose bumps up my back when I listen to it! I especially like the live version on Travels. I think (and hope) that KIN is going to come close to Offramp in style and sound. The samples on iTunes lead me to believe that Pat is visiting the Offramp/First Circle/SL(T) era and adding some new more contemporary interpretations. Can’t wait till Feb.4!
Jan 24 2014
at 1:37 PM
Bookmark and Share "Offramp": the tune. That was a hard one for me when it came thirty years ago; I love it now. (It’s sort of the child, or father?, of Song X & shows Pat’s love of Ornette early on.) As always, his sequencing is brilliant, following up with "James," one of his nicest melodies (which I’ve heard him morph more than once in concert, since back in the ’70s). "The Bat" is one of the great last tracks (of all time?). Believe me, I’m lookiing forward far more for KIN than who in the freak wins the Stupid Bowl, and I live in CO. Anyway, good stuff. <- -> I can’t say Offramp is my favorite Group album, but I wouldn’t not say it either. I lean toward WLH or SL(T). But I do think O has more enduring tunes than either of those, save for "Minuano," "SMISB," "Last Train Home," "Third Wind" (my fave of Pat’s final synth outs), "Stranger in Town," "Here to Stay" (where he sounds so loose & open soloing), "TTEOTW," "Red Sky." - lord, I love the groove on that album, which I just put on. See ya.... And enjoy the upcoming tour!
Aug 24 2013
at 8:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Can’t agree more. For me this is the album where Pat's Group concept really found it’s voice and sort of lit the creative afterburners. In addition to some of the most amazing writing, playing and production values, it hints at what the next 20 plus years would bring. AYGWM has survived over 30 years now of being toyed with, reimagined and reconstructed with various players and instruments and still the original can make the hairs on your body stand on end. For me "Eighteen" has become my official "Crank this up, backing the car out of the driveway, we’re headed on a road trip" tune. I’ve been inflicting this routine on my family for over 20 years now, and still find it to be the perfect way to begin a vacation or long road trip.
Aug 23 2013
at 7:07 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree wholeheartedly to previous posts. Offramp was the album in which I first discovered Pat and will always remain my favorite. The moment of my first listening is engrained in my mind forever. Listening to album late at night at recomendation from older brother. First came Barcarole, so different than anything I had ever heard it was like being put into a beautiful trance. Then with the second track I was changed forever. AYGWM made me look at music differently from that day forward. Its brilliance can never be overstated. After decades of listening to various versions of the tune it has never lost one iota of its profound effect upon me. By the time the final beautiful notes of The Bat Part II faded my life had been forever beautifully altered. A spell if you will from which I have thankfully never emerged.
Aug 22 2013
at 12:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve always thought Eighteen was under-appreciated, the way it slowly builds to Pat’s awesome finish. And I’ve always liked James for it’s free flowing melody.One of Pat’s many direction changing works.
Aug 21 2013
at 10:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Agree bxl12378....AYGWM is a classic among all of PMG’s charts.
Aug 20 2013
at 9:48 PM
Bookmark and Share I likes me some "James" (aside: How would one go about finding specific dates that PMG played certain cities, when web searches reveal no results?)
Aug 20 2013
at 9:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I was just listening to "Au Lait" again myself. What a gorgeous composition. Hear at around 2:23 when Steve leads the whole band into the second section with 3 or 4 precision-times notes.
Aug 19 2013
at 6:52 PM
Bookmark and Share "Au Lait" is one of my favorite Metheny songs. Actually, one of my favorite songs by any artist. I just can’t believe there can be that much passion in a serving of coffee. It is a tremendous composition.
Aug 19 2013
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share It will for ever remain one of my favourite albums for the simple reason it’s got aygwm? on it, a tune I must have listened to for about 10,000 times now sine I first heard it in ´84. And I’m very serious. This song is my drug and need to hear it at least every other day. Is always in the carstereo..
Aug 19 2013
at 9:24 AM
Bookmark and Share I like this whole album.But my favorite is "Eighteen".
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