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mario toni
Aug 06 2013
at 10:44 AM
I was stunned to hera this news today! Master of my 2nd favourite instrument (Fender Rhodes) died yesterday! So many great tunes, so many funkin’ & jazzin’! And he has just released a new album a month ago! RIP George! :(
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Mike S.
Aug 18 2013
at 8:01 AM
Bookmark and Share That is such sad news!!! He will be sorely missed! IF there is a heaven, Frank is slowly putting his band back together!
Tom Rudd
Aug 16 2013
at 8:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Anything by The Billy Cobham/George Duke Band -Billy Cobham,George Duke,Alphonso Johnson,John Scofield. Also any Early to Mid 70’s FZ. All those great great Zappa albums had George on them singing and playing keyboards.
Aug 13 2013
at 6:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey there I am fairly new to his music yet still it is sad to learn of his departure. So to those in the know what would be a list of the 5 most essential Duke outings. I understand he had a fairly funk oriented side especially given his mastery of the Rhodes, which I dig a lot as well, so any help in pointing me to both the essential jazz offerings along with the funk essentials of his prolific output here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always and RIP George! -HS
Aug 13 2013
at 3:49 AM
Bookmark and Share So sad. George was a regular visitor to London. I remember a Jazz Cafe gig a few years ago when the band turned up onstage over an hour late. George apologised and said they’d been in Montreux the previous night and had carried on partying into the night hence the hangovers. He then launched into 3 hours of his blend of soul/jazz/funk that had the place jumping. Cheers John
Tom Rudd
Aug 12 2013
at 8:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Oh! Just remembered FZ’s Eat That Question of off THE GRAND wAZOO. Quintessential George Duke, If you have never heard it, it’s a must listen.
Tom Rudd
Aug 12 2013
at 5:46 AM
Bookmark and Share I have been a fan of Greorge Duke for many years. He was an amazing player. Inca Roads, one of my all time favorite Duke solos., and lead vocals also. RIP George.
Aug 10 2013
at 1:17 AM
Bookmark and Share As I’m a keyboardist myself, he is beside Pat one of my great heros in music. Now after loosing his wife last year, he is gone also. I was very shocked when I read that so sad news yesterday. We will remeber You forever, as I saw You with your Band last time in 2011 in Leverkusen at the Jazzdays! Rest in peace, maybe now You play the keyboards in heaven like they had sounded on earth for so many years ....
Aug 10 2013
at 12:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Loved George’s attack on the Rhodes and his sync playing ... Brazilian Love Affair is oh so good, then you’ve got his ability to play funk as good as anyone ... what a versatile musician - he will be missed ...
Aug 09 2013
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Sad. I just loved that tasty piano playing on "Uncle Remus". Damn, the memories.
Aug 08 2013
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share So sad to hear, another great gone from us all too young. Still remember the Clarke/Duke tour in 78 vividly. RIP
Tyler Durden
Aug 06 2013
at 9:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Sad to hear this news. An amazing talent gone, though lots of great music and wonderful memories left behind as a legacy. Rest easy GD
Aug 06 2013
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share RIP Mr. Duke..."So I’ll Pretend" is one of my favorite tunes.
Aug 06 2013
at 4:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Just heard his new one, which I believe he made after a rough period in his life. Now his last one. Unbelievable! May he rest in peace.
Aug 06 2013
at 4:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Stunning news......listening to his latest release........I remember well the days he played with Zappa.........two years ago at NAMM he blew Benoit and Lorber away......what a good a kind in peace sir.......
Aug 06 2013
at 3:32 PM
Bookmark and Share RIP, Zomby Woof
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